What means gamification and when should I use it?

I just read an interesting article in Harvard Business Review by Lori Sherer.

She wrote that gamification simply means using motivational techniques like those videogame industry has put to such effective use. Anyone with teenagers in the house knows that they will spend long hours on their own, trying to get to the next level of their favorite game. Motivation experts (like Dan Pink) would say that the games are tapping into some basic human drives:

1.) for autonomy (you control your own pace),
2.) for mastery (you get better over time), and
3.) for a sense of purpose that you’re aiming at a well-defined goal
4.) the social factor is important, too

Gamers love to match their skills against others and to compare notes on how they’re doing. So, done right, gamification seems to hold a lot of potential!

Lori Sherer photo  Lori Sherer is a partner in Bain & Company’s San Francisco office

Source: https://hbr.org/2015/02/gamification-can-help-people-actually-use-analytics-tools

Karl Kapp

According to the opinion of Karl Kapp gamification can be used to accomplish a number of goals related to learning.

As with any learning intervention, gamification is not the answer to every learning situation and to gamify all content or learner experiences does not make sense. Gamification is especially effective when it is used to encourage learners to progress through content, motivate action, influence behavior and drive innovation.

So, challenges, goals and making progress are all traits that engage and encourage humans. If you want to motivate learners to move through instruction and to accomplish goals, gamification is a great solution. Game elements when properly placed into a curriculum or everyday employee activities can positively influence behavior. Gamification can drive innovative thinking and activities.

Karl Kapp is assistant director and faculty member at Bloomsburg University’s Institute for Interactive Technologies (IIT)

Source: http://karlkapp.com/when-to-use-gamification/